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Welcome to the Bud Bonsai Group which is open to anyone interested in learning more about the art of Bonsai. Whether you're a beginner or experienced hobbyist, or just thinking about it, there's something to suit everyone. The Bud Bonsai Group are a very friendly bunch of Bonsai hobbyists who are only too keen to impart their knowledge and, more importantly, are more than willing to answer questions.

Meetings are usually held, once a month at Bud Garden Centre at Bunratty Village Mills, Bunratty, County Clare and are headed up by Bud's owner, Ray Egan. Meetings cover absolutely everything you need to know about keeping your Bonsai healthy – see meetings for further details. Two or three workshops are also held where you can take your own tree or trees to have a critique done, followed by a hands-on with guidance on how to improve your tree – see workshops for further information.

We have been unable to hold meetings during Covid-19 but as restrictions are gradually being lifted we were able to hold a Bonsai gathering at Bud Garden Centre on Saturday, 1st August, 2020 – see Exhibitions for photos of the event.

Members often bump into each other at Bud Garden Centre, whilst stocking up on supplies and, invariably, it ends up being an informal meeting as Bonsai takes the main form of conversation! In addition there is a WhatsApp group and on Saturday, 11th April, 2020 our first live Zoom meeting took place which proved to be a great success. They were held weekly until Bud, and other garden centres, were able to reopen following Covid-19 and they were invaluable.

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